HM The King's speech at banquet in connection with state visit in Mexico

JW Marriott Hotel, Mexico City

(The spoken version shall take precedence)

Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear guests,

It is with great pleasure that Her Majesty the Queen and I have come to visit the beautiful country of Mexico – and we are delighted to be “back in town”.

This marks our third state visit to Mexico. The first one took place in 1982, and the second in 2002. Then, just as now, we were warmly received and had the privilege of visiting your cultural treasures – ranging from museums and monasteries to pyramids. I even climbed a pyramid at sunrise. Rest assured; I will not dare such an adventure this time!

I have also visited Mexico on other occasions.

On a private journey to Cabo San Lucas in 2016, I observed and learnt how sustainable and profitable fishing can be combined and conducted in the best way.

And together with the Scouts I had the chance to take part in a fantastic event. Scouts from all over Mexico collected over 1,4 million aluminium cans in Mexico City’s central square to make the largest scout emblem in the world. One giant fleur-de-lis! The money they collected from all that aluminium was donated to charity. Truly admirable!

For more than 140 years Mexico has been a very appreciated partner to Sweden. Mexico is our second-largest export market in Latin America after Brazil. We aim to strengthen these trade relations even further during this significant visit.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to be here, not only due to our strong bilateral trade relations but also because we share similar values that further unite our countries. Mexico and Sweden are likeminded regarding gender equality, sustainability, free trade, and democracy.

Furthermore, exchanges between our people are well established. Many Swedes are eager to study or work in the country and Swedish tourism to Mexico has increased in recent years. The popular tourist destination of Cabo San Lucas is a good example of having succeeded in preserving the integrity of marine ecosystems by investing in sustainable management and fishing tourism.

Tomorrow Her Majesty the Queen and I will visit Mexico’s largest university, the National Autonomous University of Mexico. A university that has offered Swedish language courses for almost 40 years – quite impressive!

Also, there is a broad cultural exchange between our countries, for example in the fields of music, film, and literature. All these art forms are cross-border and have the potential to unite people. As the Mexican Nobel prize laureate in literature, Octavio Paz, so wisely put it: “Literatures, like trees and plants, are born of a land and in it flourish and die. But literatures, also like plants, may be carried abroad to take root in a foreign soil”. That is certainly true. Thanks to the works of great Mexican authors, Swedes have become acquainted with the Mexican soul and nation.

This state visit manifests the close bond between our countries. We share the same values and have a lot in common – the best conditions for further developing our collaboration.

Her Majesty the Queen and I are really looking forward to these enriching days culminating in a visit to the Unesco World Heritage Site in Uxmal.

Dear guests,

I welcome you all to this dinner and propose a toast to the friendship between Mexico and Sweden!