Royal Engagements

Prince Daniel at the launch of The Crown Princess Couple's Generation PEP initiative for the health of Swedish children. The launch took place in connection with a seminar during the Almedal Week political event in Visby in 2016. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Every year, Prince Daniel – together with other members of the Royal Family – takes part in the celebration of Sweden's National Day, the birthdays of The King and The Crown Princess, the Opening of the Parliamentary Session and the Nobel festivities.


The Prince has a strong focus on health issues, from his commitment to organ donation to initiatives such as Prince Daniel's Race and Sports Day, which are arranged each year to encourage more young people to get exercise and to take an interest in sport.

Prince Daniel is Honorary Chairman of the Board of the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation and has given his name to Prince Daniel's Grant for Promising Young Researchers. The grant is awarded for pioneering Swedish cardiopulmonary research which is deemed to be of great significance to patients.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel established a foundation to mark the occasion of their marriage in 2010. The focus of the foundation is to combat exclusion and promote good health among children and young people in Sweden. The foundation's ambition is that all children should have the opportunity to develop into strong, secure individuals with a positive outlook, whatever their circumstances.

The Crown Princess Couple took the initiative for Generation PEP, a non-profit organisation that works to raise awareness of and encourage commitment to issues relating to the health of children and young people.

Everyone who takes part in Prince Daniel's Race is a winner, and everyone receives a medal. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT


Prince Daniel is committed to enterprise and works to promote entrepreneurship among young people. The Prince visits the Swedish Young Enterprise Championship every year, and is a member of Young Enterprise's national board.

The Prince Daniel's Fellowship project and its entrepreneurial programme were launched in January 2013.

Together with entrepreneurs and business leaders, Prince Daniel visits upper secondary schools, universities and university colleges around Sweden to inspire young people to get involved in entrepreneurship.

The project is a long-term partnership between Prince Daniel and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Anna Omstedt Lindgren and Prince Daniel discuss entrepreneurship with pupils at Af Chapman Upper Secondary School in Karlskrona. Photo: