The Royal Collections with the Bernadotte Library

Photo: Kungl. Husgerådskammaren.

The Royal Collections Department is responsible for the management, care and maintenance of the works of art and furnishings at Sweden's ten royal palaces. In total, there are approximately 250,000 individual article owned by the State that are at The King's disposal.
The Royal Collections is headed by the Director of the Royal Collections, Margareta Nisser-Dalman.

Furnishing the Palace

Much of The King and Queen's official representation takes place at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. The Royal Palace is also a modern functional office for The King, The Queen, The Crown Princess and the Royal Court's employees.

The Royal Collections Department is responsible for arranging suitable furnishing when for example foreign dignitaries are on state visits to Sweden or for cabinet meetings, receptions, official banquets and other major events.

Preservation and Care

In days gone by, the term Household stood for the loose furnishings of an estate, meaning furniture, carpets, curtains and woven tapestries. These require ongoing preservation and care, so that they can be displayed long into the future. This is the responsibility of the Royal Collections Department.

Articles from the Royal Collections are often lent out and shown at exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad.

Expert Craftsmanship

In order to maintain the articles in the Royal Collection a long list of specialized craftsmanship is required.

The Bernadotte Library

The Royal Collections also includes the Treasury, the Bernadotte Library and the Tre Kronor Museum.

The Bernadotte Library includes the book collections of the Bernadotte family, totalling approximately 100,000 books. It also includes the Bernadotte photograph collection of around 500,000 photographs. The photographs are available to the general public and sales are conducted in the fashion of a regular photo agency.