The Queen attends a symposium on preventing sexual violence against children

The Queen's speech was recorded at Drottningholm.

The Queen's speech was recorded at Drottningholm. Photo: Sara Friberg/The Royal Court of Sweden

On Thursday 8 April, The Queen gave a digital speech during an international symposium. The aim of the symposium was to develop strategies for preventing sexual attacks against children and providing support for those in vulnerable situations.

The symposium was arranged by Harvard University, and participants included other leaders, experts, academics and representatives from children's rights and public health organisations.

The keynote speaker was Denis Mukwegeexternal link, opens in new window, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018.

During the symposium, The Queen gave a speech in which she said:

"Together we must do everything we can to protect children. And when we fail to prevent these vicious crimes, every child that is abused must be given the chance to heal again – physically and mentally. And to restore their faith in the future.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is what I hope we can work for together."

Read the full speech here.

Find out more about the symposium.external link, opens in new window