The Crown Princess Couple visit Medicon Village in Lund

The Crown Princess Couple visit Medicon Village.

The Crown Princess Couple visit Medicon Village. Photo: Pelle T Nilsson/SPA

On Thursday 30 January, The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel visited Medicon Village in Lund. The centre is now home to 150 life science businesses and organisations.

Medicon Village was opened in 2012 with the aim of integrating research, innovation and enterprise in order to enable more people to lead a healthier life. Today, more than 2,200 people work here.

During their visit, The Crown Princess Couple met representatives from two companies working to develop methods that can help patients with cancer and renal disease.

Laura Chica from Immuniova explained how the company is developing and commercialising blood tests for early detection of cancer and autoimmune diseases, based on Immunovia's own testing platform.

The Crown Princess Couple then learnt about the company Idogen, which is developing tolerogenic cell therapies to avoid the patient's immune defence attacking transplanted organs, the body's own cells or biological agents.

Photo: Pelle T Nilsson/SPA

Photo: Pelle T Nilsson/SPA