The Crown Princess Couple hold a meeting with Business Sweden

The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel took part in the digital meeting from Haga Palace.

The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel took part in the digital meeting from Haga Palace. Photo: The Royal Court of Sweden

On Monday 8 March, The Crown Princess Couple took part in a digital follow-up meeting with Business Sweden. During the meeting, The Crown Princess Couple learnt about the effects of the pandemic on Swedish businesses operating in the global market.

President & CEO Ylva Berg began by providing general information and a summary of how Business Sweden has continued to work as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic since their previous meeting on 20 October 2020.

Executive Vice President Fredrik Fexe then described developments within world trade and Swedish exports amid the ongoing pandemic.

Emma Modéer Wiking, Head of International Sustainable Business, presented Swedish sustainable export solutions that contribute towards a green transition.

The meeting concluded with Vice President Marcom & Business Development Charlotte Rylme describing Business Sweden's focus to enhance Sweden's ability to attract foreign companies.

About Business Sweden

Business Sweden helps Swedish companies to increase their global sales and helps international companies to invest and expand in Sweden, by providing strategic advice and practical support.

Business Sweden was formed on 1 January 2013 by merging the Swedish Trade Council with Invest Sweden. The organisation has offices in almost 60 different countries.

Business Sweden is owned by the Swedish Government and industry, represented by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Foreign Trade Association.

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The Royal Family and the Covid-19 pandemic

The Royal Family are keen to show their support for the initiatives being carried out by society to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Royal Family are staying informed about how the pandemic is affecting Sweden via discussions, digital meetings and visits.

These visits are planned based on current recommendations, and every effort is being made not to take up time and resources unnecessarily.