The King and The Crown Princess Couple attend an industry meeting

The King, The Crown Princess Couple and the industry representatives during the meeting.

The King, The Crown Princess Couple and the industry representatives during the meeting. Photo: Victor Ericsson/The Royal Court of Sweden

On Wednesday 16 December, The King, The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel held a video meeting with representatives from Swedish industry to find out how the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to affect businesses.

The meeting was attended by representatives from small and medium-sized companies working within various industries and in different parts of the country.

They spoke about their own businesses, how they have been affected by the pandemic, and their companies' views of the future, both within Sweden and internationally.

The meeting was arranged by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, and was the third such event. The first meeting took place on 11 May, during which The King and Prince Daniel spoke with industry representatives. The second meeting was held on 18 September, and was attended by The King and The Crown Princess.

Participating industry representatives

  • Fredrik Persson, Chairman of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
  • Jacob Wallenberg, Chairman of Investor
  • Sven-Olof Gudmundsson, Chairman of the SME Committee, owner and CEO of Sannarps Bensin & Butik, Halmstad
  • Marie Svensson, CEO of Tjeders Industri, Malmköping
  • Emma Dehmer Unevik, owner and CEO of Stockholms Städsystem
  • Eva Dunér, owner of Framsidans Restaurants, Gothenburg
  • Lars Fahlander, Site Manager at Cobra Biopharma, Matfors
  • Adam Brånby, owner of Woolpower, Östersund

The Royal Family and the COVID-19 pandemic

The Royal Family are keen to show their support for the initiatives being carried out by society to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Royal Family are staying informed about how the pandemic is affecting Sweden via discussions, digital meetings and visits.

These visits are planned based on current recommendations, and every effort is being made not to take up time and resources unnecessarily.