The King attends a seminar on wood construction

On Friday 7 December, The King attended the Beauty and Durability seminar on the opportunities and challenges of wood construction.

The seminar was also attended by a number of experts within the field, who shared their experience and details of current research. The opportunities for developing wood construction were also discussed.

In his opening speech, The King emphasised the importance of learning from others:

"You could say that there is currently intense competition between different countries and regions to complete the biggest, the first and the most environmentally friendly construction projects in wood. And that is not surprising, given the rapid growth of the market for sustainable building.

"In this situation, I believe that here in Sweden we have everything to gain from not resting on our laurels and by continuing to develop constantly. By taking a humble approach in view of what we can learn from others, and in view of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of us."

The seminar was initiated by The King and was arranged in cooperation with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. It was the fourth in the Beauty and Durability series of seminars.