The Crown Princess attends the Nobel Week Dialogue

On Sunday 9 December, The Crown Princess attended the Nobel Week Dialogue on the subject Water Matters.

The Nobel Week Dialogue is arranged in connection with Nobel Week, with the aim of highlighting scientific issues that world-leading researchers and experts can discuss in front of an audience. This year's talks and panel discussions related to water and how it affects the environment and human health and culture.

As an advocate for the UN's global sustainable development goals, The Crown Princess has focused particularly on issues relating to water and health.

The Crown Princess as an advocate for the UN's global sustainable development goals

The Crown Princess is one of 17 members of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Advocacy Group. The group's task is to promote the UN's sustainable development goals – Agenda 2030 – in various ways.

In her role as an advocate, The Crown Princess has chosen to focus in particular on work relating to the sea and fishing.

Find out more about the global goals and Agenda 2030 at the UN's website External link, opens in new window..