The Royal Family attend the formal gathering of the Swedish Academy

On Wednesday 20 December, The King and Queen, The Crown Princess Couple, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine and Mr Christopher O'Neill attended the Swedish Academy's formal gathering at the Stock Exchange in Stockholm.

The formal gathering began with the Director's speech, given by writer and literary historian Anders Olsson. New member theologian and cultural writer Jayne Svenungsson then joined the Academy, taking seat number 9 after writer Torgny Lindgren. She gave her installation speech which, according to tradition, was about her predecessor.

Theologian Jayne Svenungsson and Permanent Secretary Sara Danius. Jayne Svenungsson takes seat number 9 after writer Torgny Lindgren. Photo:

The installation speech was responded to by Director who, in his response, said a few personal words about the late member Torgny Lindgren and welcomed his new colleague to the Academy.

The Director then announced that the year's memorial coin, created by artist Peter Linde, was dedicated to the literary historian Martin Lamm. Member of the Swedish Academy Kjell Espmark read an extract from the memorial description.

Member of the Swedish Academy Jesper Svenbro then read his interpretation of Arthur Rimbaud's hexameter poem Ver Erat.

The programme ended with Permanent Secretary Sara Danius speaking about the previous year, including about recipients of prizes and scholarships.

This year's Royal Prize, which was established by King Karl XIV Johan Opens in new window., was awarded to Marie-Louise Ekman. The prize is awarded for meritorious services within one of the Academy's fields of interest.

The Swedish Academy's formal gathering in the Exchange Hall. Photo:

The Swedish Academy's formal gathering

The Swedish Academy was founded in 1786 by King Gustaf III, with the task of promoting the Swedish language and Swedish literature. Since 1901, the Swedish Academy has also appointed the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

The Swedish Academy concludes its working year by celebrating its formal gathering with a public assembly at the Stock Exchange on 20 December at 17:00. King Gustaf III issued strict directions for the ceremony, which are still followed in all essentials.