The King visits the Svensk Freonåtervinning CFC recycling facility

On Wednesday 30 November, The King visited the Svensk Freonåtervinning CFC recycling facility in Hässelby.

The company's CEO Oskar Åsberg and Chairman of the Board Hans-Peter Walter began by talking about CFCs (Freon) and their impact on the environment, and how the company works with Freon recycling. The King was then given a tour of the recycling plant, where he saw the handling process.

Fridges and freezers awaiting recycling. Photo: Patrik C Österberg/IBL

Svensk Freonåtervinning was founded in 1992, and was one of the first companies in Sweden to offer a total solution for Freon recycling. The company started off working on a small scale with customers who began Freon recycling on a voluntary basis. Today, the company deals with around 170,000 fridges and freezers every year from the whole of Scandinavia. In recent years, the company has also started recycling Freon from building insulation.

Freon was previously widely used as a propellant in spray cans, as a refrigerant in fridges and freezes, as a detergent in circuit card manufacturing and to expand polystyrene, but is now largely banned because of its negative impact on the ozone layer.

Svensk Freonåtervinning in Hässelby. Photo: Patrik C Österberg/IBL