Formal audiences at the Royal Palace of Stockholm

On Wednesday 30 November, The King received four new foreign ambassadors at formal audiences at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

The new ambassadors were Lithuania's ambassador Algimantas Rimkūnas, Morocco's ambassador Amina Bouayach, Canada's ambassador Heather Grant and India's ambassador Monika Kapil Mohta.

Lithuania's ambassador Algimantas Rimkūnas, with his credentials. Photo:

At the ceremony, the ambassadors submit their credentials – a document from their head of state – to The King, who then grants them the formal right to work in Sweden.

Morocco's ambassador Amina Bouayach with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' introducer Birgitta Holst Alani and her retinue. Photo:

Formal audiences follow a traditional ceremony. The ambassador is collected in one of the Royal Stables' carriages from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and is taken to the Royal Palace of Stockholm. The King and the ambassador then talk in private for around fifteen minutes.

Canada's ambassador Heather Grant leaves the palace after the formal audience. Photo:

India's ambassador arrives at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Photo: