The Wedding Banquet

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Motiv: Photo: Fredrik Sanberg, Scanpix.
The wedding banquet on 19 June 2010 began at 8.00 p.m.
The first course consisted of Norway lobster with summer truffles, citrus marinated farmed cod and green pea soup. Read the entire menu External link..
The guests of honour were seated at the table of honour External link., while other guests sat at round tables on either side.
The King began his speech by congratulating The Queen on their wedding anniversary (they married on the same day exactly 34 years ago), which caused some mirth. The King then turned to The Crown Princess: "I am your father. You are my beloved daughter. No one should believe anything other than that it has been, and is, my greatest wish to see you happy and content. It has therefore been self-evident to your mother, The Queen, and I that you, as every other person in our country, should be able to choose freely and without pressure the companion in life that your heart desires. Today I have wanted to emphasise this by accompanying you down the aisle to meet your future husband, thus confirming the decision to consent to your marriage, a decision that I am instructed to give under the Swedish constitution."

Prince Daniel's father, Mr Olle Westling, also made a speech. In his speech he noted that "many regard your meeting and falling in love as something of a fairy tale. A man of the people who wins the hand of the country's Crown Princess. Of course it could be seen as such, but I believe that it's no coincidence that this should happen in Sweden, where The King has adopted the motto, "For Sweden - With the Times"."
Prince Daniel delivered the final speech, in which he spoke of the time when The Crown Princess was to travel to China. She was away for 30 days. The evening before her departure she sat up the entire night. When he awoke he found 30 letters that she had written to him, one for each day that she would be away.
After the wedding banquet came the wedding cake External link., which was a gift from the Swedish Association of Bakers and Confectioners. The cake was 3.30 metres high and had 11 tiers. The ingredients included champagne truffle and wild strawberry compote.