The King visits Hagfors

Motiv: The King inaugurates Uddeholm's new forging press. Photo: Uddeholm AB
On Wednesday 8 September, The King visited Hagfors in Värmland.
The visit began at Uddeholm, where The King inaugurated the company's new forging press, followed by a tour of the premises.

In the afternoon, The King opened the Älvstranden Bildningscentrum school in Hagfors. Pupils, teachers and parents had gathered in the playground for the opening ceremony.

In his speech, The King said that "a good education is an important foundation, providing a sound basis for making choices in life".

He went on to say: "Bringing resources together at a school of this kind, with its focus on sciences, technology and the arts, is a far-sighted decision. I'm delighted to see such a fine school with excellent opportunities for studying, and I would like to congratulate all the children and young people, as well as their teachers."

Read The King's speech External link. at the inauguration in Uddeholm.