Cabinet briefing at the Royal Palace of Stockholm

Motiv: Cabinet briefing. Photo: Jonas Borg
On Tuesday 5 October, a cabinet briefing was held at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.
Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt presented the government to The King and The Crown Princess.

To the left of The Crown Princess are:
The Prime Minister
Minister Olofsson
Minister Ask
Minister Erlandsson
Minister Hägglund
Minister Borg
Minister Billström
Minister Tolgfors
Minister Ohlsson
Minister Attefall
Minister Kristersson
Minister Ullenhag

To the right of The King are:
Minister Björklund
Minister Bildt
Minister Larsson
Minister Carlgren
Minister Carlsson
Minister Sabuni
Minister Adelsohn Liljeroth
Minister Björling
Minister Norman
Minister Engström
Minister Elmsäter-Svärd
Minister Hatt