Queen's prayer book launched at Royal Chapel

Drottningen tillsammans med från vänster: pastor i Hovförsamlingen Erland Ros, förlagschef Kerstin Kyhlberg Engvall samt överhovpredikant Lars-Göran Lönnermark som har ingått i arbetsgruppen för Drottning Silvias bönbok. Foto: Claudio Bresciani, Scanpix.

The Queen with, from left: Pastor of the Court Parish Erland Ros, publisher Kerstin Kyhlberg Engvall and Chaplain to The King Lars-Göran Lönnermark, who was a member of the team that compiled Queen Silvia’s prayer book. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/Scanpix

On Monday 16 November, Queen Silvia's prayer book was launched at the Royal Chapel in the Royal Palace of Stockholm.
The prayer book contains prayers for various occasions, and includes both well-known prayers and new prayers that have been written specially. The book is intended to support private devotions.
The prayer authors include Martin Lönnebo, Margareta Melin, K-G Hammar, Ulf Nilsson and Caroline Krook.

"I need moments to myself to process my experiences. I encounter a great deal of happiness, but also vulnerability and pain during my visits around Sweden and to other countries. Particularly among children. I carry them with me in prayer." From The Queen's foreword.

Queen Silvia's prayer book is a collaboration between the Royal Court Parish and publisher of theological literature Verbum Förlag. The team that compiled the prayer book included publisher Kerstin Kyhlberg Engvall, Pastor of the Court Parish Erland Ros, and Chaplain to The King Lars-Göran Lönnermark. Jens Andersson was responsible for the illustrations and design of the prayer book.

The Queen has requested that SEK 10 from the sale of each prayer book be donated to support vulnerable children as part of the Church of Sweden's international work, Hela världen.

The photographs in Queen Silvia's prayer book were taken by The King.