King opens Swedish solar cell factory in Soria, Spain

Spaniens utvecklingsminister Jose Blanco visade Kungen spanska höghastighetstågen.  Spaniens höghastighetstågnätverk kommer att bli världens största nästa år. Kungen tog därefter ett höghastighetståg på väg mot invigningen av ClimateWell-fabriken i Soria. Foto: Josep Lago, AFP Photo.

Spain’s Minister of Public Works and Transport, Jose Blanco, showing The King Spain’s high-speed trains. Spain’s high-speed train network will be the biggest in the world next year. The King then took a high-speed train to the opening of the ClimateWell factory in Soria. Photo: Josep Lago, AFP Photo.

On Tuesday 22 September, The King opened Swedish company ClimateWell's factory in Soria in Spain. The factory, which is the first of its kind, is located in Soria, approximately 200 km north of Madrid.
The Swedish company ClimateWell manufactures air-conditioning units that run on solar cells using a unique, patented technique.

The technique involves storing energy from solar cells in a saline battery, which can then both heat and cool down the immediate surroundings. This works best in hot countries where there is a lot of sun and considerable need for air conditioning.

In his opening speech, The King referred to ClimateWell as a typical Swedish example of how inventions can be used to solve key global challenges.