King and Queen on official visit to Finland

Kungaparet på officiellt besök i Finland. Foto Jonas Ekströmer, Scanpix.

The King and Queen during an official visit to Finland Photo Jonas Ekströmer, Scanpix.

The King and Queen are on an official visit to Finland , 25-26 August, at the invitation of President Tarja Halonen, to mark the bicentenary of the separation of Finland from Sweden, Märkesåret 1809.
During the official visit to Finland, the government is being represented by Minister for Social Security with responsibility for Nordic cooperation, Cristina Husmark Pehrsson.

President Tarja Halonen visited Sweden this year in connection with the inauguration of Märkesåret 1809.

Kungen och president Tarja Halonen vid det officiella besöket i Finland. Foto: Jonas Ekströmer/Scanpix

The King and President Tarja Halonen during the official visit to Finland. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/Scanpix

On Tuesday, The King and Queen were welcomed by President Tarja Halonen at her summer residence Gullranda, in Nådendal. Following the welcome ceremony, The King and Queen and presidential couple travelled to Turku by the President's official boat, Kultaranta VII.

Lunch was held at Turku Castle, and was followed by a seminar entitled, “Märkesåret - 1809 and the subsequent years". The seminar was organised by Åbo ( Turku ) Academy, Turun Yliopisto and the City of Åbo(Turku).

The day ended with a visit to Turku shipyard.

Drottningen och president Tarja Halonen på presidentens representationsbåt Kultaranta VII. Foto: Jonas Ekströmer/Scanpix

The Queen and President Tarja Halonen on the President's official boat, Kultaranta VII. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/Scanpix