King and Crown Princess visit Tyresta National Park

Kungen i Tyresta nationalpark i samband med WWF:s årsmöte. Foto: Pontus Lundahl/Scanpix

The King in Tyresta National Park for the annual meeting of the World Wide Fund for Nature. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/Scanpix

On Wednesday 20 May, The King and Crown Princess took part in WWF's annual meeting in Tyresta National Park and nature reserve. As chairman of the WWF Council, The King led the meeting, which was held in Tyresta Naturrum.

Later on, Head of Conservation Peter Westman held a talk on Naturen 2009 and the history of the National Parks.

The afternoon ended with an excursion to the site of the major forest fire at Åva and Stensjödal in 1999.

Kungen och Kronprinsessan i Tyresta nationalpark. Foto: Pontus Lundahl/Scanpix

The King and The Crown Princess in Tyresta National Park. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/Scanpix