Crown Princess opens exhibition, "Parallel You-Niverse"

Kronprinsessan och konstnären Hans Frode vid invigningen av "Parallel You-Niverse" på Smålands museum i Växjö. Foto: Hans Runesson/Scanpix

The Crown Princess and artist Hans Frode at the opening of “Parallel You-Niverse” at Småland’s museum in Växjö. Photo: Hans Runesson/Scanpix

On Saturday 9 May, The Crown Princess opened Hans Frode's exhibition, “Parallel You-Niverse" at Småland's museum in Växjö.

In the exhibition, "Parallel You-Niverse", Hans Frode combines various different materials and techniques, painting on glass plates with glass details and underlying neon lights in different colours mounted in wood frames.

Kronprinsessan och Hans Frode. Foto: Hans Runesson/Scanpix

The Crown Princess with Hans Frode. Photo: Hans Runesson/Scanpix