Crown Princess awarded prize for commitment to dyslexia issues

Kronprinsessan mottar Bonino-priset och ses här tillsammans med italienska senatens president Renato Schifani och Nino Calarco, Bonino-Pulejostiftelsens president. Foto: Toni Sica/Stella Pictures

The Crown Princess receiving the Bonino Award, here with President of the Italian Senate, Renato Schifani, and President of the Bonino-Pulejo Foundation, Nino Calarco. Photo: Toni Sica/Stella Pictures

On Friday 30 January, The Crown Princess received the Italian Bonino Prize for Literature, Art, Science and Culture, for her commitment to dyslexia issues.

The award ceremony took place in Messina's cathedral in Sicily. The ceremony was attended by President of the Italian Senate, Renato Schifani, the regional Presidents of Sicily and Calabria, the rectors of six universities, dyslexia researchers and around a thousand students. The Crown Princess was accompanied by Sweden's ambassador in Italy, Anders Bjurner.

The prize was established by the Bonino-Pulejo Foundation, which was founded in 1973 by politician and originator of the daily newspaper Gazzetta del Suds, Uberto Bonino and his wife, Maria Sofia Pulejo. The Foundation aims to support scientific research and solidarity in southern Italy.

Kronprinsessan hann under fredagen också med att besöka "Istituto Don Orione" i Messina, ett centrum för funktionshindrade ungdomar. Foto: Toni Sica/Stella Pictures

On Friday The Crown Princess also had time to visit Istituto Don Orione in Messina, a centre for young disabled people. Photo: Toni Sica/Stella Pictures

Under lördagen besökte Kronprinsessan vulkanen Etna. Foto: Toni Sica/Stella Pictures

On Saturday, The Crown Princess visited the volcano, Mount Etna. Photo: Toni Sica/Stella Pictures

During her stay in Sicily, The Crown Princess also managed to fit in a visit to the ancient Greek theatre in Taormina, and the old city of Syracuse.