CPB 2091 – Swedish silver cutlery with international character

Lansering av Prins Carl Philips bestickserie,CPB 2091, på Svenskt Tenn. Foto: Jessica Gow/Scanpix

The launch of Prince Carl Philip’s cutlery series, CPB 2091, at Svenskt Tenn. Photo: Jessica Gow/Scanpix

On Friday 27 March, Prince Carl Philip launched his cutlery series CPB 2091 at Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm. The cutlery series has been produced by hand by silversmiths at Mema/GAB's factory in Eskilstuna.

"It's been an amazing challenge and I'm proud of the result," says Prince Carl Philip, who was commissioned to think "new and contemporary" when developing the design for the new cutlery.

With the CPB 2091 cutlery series, Prince Carl Philip has designed a modern silver cutlery set inspired by international cities and architecture.

"It's great to work with silver as a material, not only because of its special sound and lustre, but also because it ages so beautifully," says Prince Carl Philip. “It's been a dream assignment to have the chance to design a product that so many people have a connection with - after all we use cutlery every day."

Prins Carl Philips bestickserie CPB 2091. Foto: Jessica Gow/Scanpix

Prince Carl Philip's cutlery series CPB 2091. Photo: Jessica Gow/Scanpix

Prince Carl Philip is a trained designer, and studied at Rhode Island School of Design in the USA and Forsberg's School of Design in Stockholm. The silver cutlery set is the first product to be launched under the CPB brand. The figures 2091 stand for the year and model no. 1.