Queen Silvia launch the website "Röda sidorna"

Drottningen inviger Röda sidorna
Queen Silvia Queen Silvia attended the launch of the website “Röda Sidorna" (Red Pages). Photo: Scanpix
On 13 March, Queen Silvia attended the launch of the website “Röda Sidorna" (Red Pages), on BRIS.se, a children´s rights organisation.
Röda Sidorna was created after Queen Silvia expressed a wish to “gather all the positive forces into one place to help vulnerable children". Röda Sidorna helps children and young people to access the support and help they need, using the Internet. The search engine is now being integrated into BRIS.se in order to reach even more young people.
Röda Sidorna is a search engine for young people, a kind of telephone directory for those who need support from experienced adults, who care. The website was created by BRIS — Children´s Rights in Society.  Röda Sidorna also offers information about where children and young people can get help. The user can search by municipality, problem area, name of organisation, as well as via one or more search words. Users of Röda Sidorna´s service always remain anonymous.