Queen Silvia Visits Colombia

Queen Silvia (photo taken earlier this year). Photo: Trons/Scanpix
Queen Silvia (photo taken earlier this year). Photo: Trons/Scanpix.
Queen Silvia visited Colombia this week, visitng several projects run by The Mentor Foundation.

Amongst the many projects visited was one run at the Colegio Marsella School in Kennedy, south of Bogotá. There The Queen had the possibility to meet with teachers and students who work with strengthening vulnerable children and young people´s confidence and social skills, in order to help them say no to drugs and alcohol.

While in Colombia Queen Silvia also met with Mentor Colombia´s personell as well as took part in a Gala fundraiser benefiting Mentor Colombia.

Mentor is one of the few organizations which has succeeded in coming into Colombia in order to combat drugs, where combating drugs is quite different than in other countries.

Queen Silvia is an honorary member of Mentor´s board and founded The Mentor Foundation.